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The first tree to be planted in the Coppice in Autumn 2013 was an English Oak supplied by Trees Direct in conjunction with The Woodland Trust situated in Ludlow.  It was planted by Councillors Tony Miller and Alan Fisher and blessed by the Reverend Canon Peter Kerr in front of members of the Parish Council, their friends and families and many villagers. 

The Telephone Box (Type K6) was officially adopted by the Parish Council in 2015 and is a Landmark for many road users, both those passing through and those stopping in Hampton Lovett.  The Parish Council has repainted the box and repaired the glass so as to keep this essential historic Landmark of Hampton Lovett in good repair. 

Since this time nine of the trees have been added to the copse and they include: -


  • A Copper Beech dedicated to Ray and Monica Ralston by the Ralston family

  • An Old English Black Poplar dedicated to Micheal Heaven by his wife June Heaven

  • A Scarlett Oak dedicated to Don and Irene Brimble by the Sabey family and Diana Brimble

  • A Bird Cherry dedicated to Eileen Banks and Eve Bristow for all their hard work in looking after the Parish Room and Village Hall

  • An English Alder dedicated to Jeremy Syree, Accountant, for his tireless work on behalf of the community of Hampton Lovett

  • A Rowan planted by Doverdale Park Residents Association  

  • A Lime Tree dedicated to Paula Crow by the Crow family

  • A Silver Birch donated by the O'Sullivan family

  • An English Walnut to remember all those who over the years have worked for the Hampton Lovett community

Diamond Jubilee sign.jpg

Following several concerns over exiting The Forest onto the A442, the Parish Council has been working on improving the sight line for drivers.  This has included lowering and cutting back the hedge immediately abutting 1. and 2. The Forest. The Willow Tree, which had overhanging branches causing a danger to passing traffic by hitting their windscreens was recently removed.  The removal of the tree was also assisted in giving an unobstructed view of the of the vehicles approaching The Forest exit from the West as well as those turning right into The Forest.

Worcester County Council Highways Department

Further Details of Highways England Contact 

Instruction Letter

Currently the old Victorian front door and entrance lobby to the Parish Room is being upgraded to a modern and ecologically sustainable new frontage, which will include automatic opening for easy access for the disabled, plus an ability when approaching to see beyond the doorway a warm and friendly area as well as an ability to see any obstruction which might be in the way.  The project, which is being funded by a PWL grant, should be completed by the Easter 2018.  Further work on the Victorian Sunday School Room will be part of a further project. 

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Amongst future projects The Parish Council has currently applied for and  been given a Planting Licence to improve the overall aesthetics of what is currently known as The Big Bear Island on the A442 as you enter Hampton Lovett.

Budget costs and traffic flow drawings sign offs by the County Council to enable the work to be carried out, this to be part of the 2019\2020 lead project for the Parish Council, particularly obtaining sponsors towards the costs.

Big Bear Island Biodiversity    Assessme
Big Bear Island Biodiversity    Assessme
Big Bear Island Biodiversity    Assessme
Big Bear Island Biodiversity    Assessme
Big Bear Island Biodiversity    Assessme



Bluebell Wood 1.jpg
Bluebell Wood 2.jpg
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Hampton Lovett and Westwood Parish Councils 2018\2019 upgraded the Parish to improve and add to the  One Worcester Initiative from the County Council 2018\2019 along the Wychavon and Monarch Way. The clearing should provide a good carpet of bluebells in the Spring.
Bluebell Wood 3.jpg
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Bluebell wood.jpg

Doverdale Park Defibrillator

installed by the

Doverdale Residents Committee


Parish Council repairs

to the War Memorial and the

entrance road to the forest

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