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The Parish of Hampton Lovett with Westwood is a place of exceptional historical interest and importance, comprising a Grade 1 Norman Church, a Grade 1 Elizabethan Mansion - Westwood House - and the remains of an Iron Age and Roman settlement, confirming that this has been a significant centre of population since the 3rd Century B.C.  It is a landscape of continuous occupation across 2,000 years which, despite its close proximity to Droitwich and Industrial Development to the South and West, still maintains its essential character as a Rural Parish  - the beginning of a precious stretch of countryside between Droitwich and Kidderminster.

Major excavations by Worcestershire Archaeology Service in 1999 revealed not only an extensive Roman Villa Farm near to Westwood House, but also the site of an Iron Age Farmstead.  As the report on the excavation stated, "the site... appears to represent some aspects of continuity between the Iron Age and Roman periods, in terms of settlement location and agricultural production".

Historically and physically Hampton Lovett and neighbouring Westwood have strong identities, given the role these villages have played in local and national life over hundreds of years.  It is a place of agricultural continuity through Two Millennia, and one of the few Villages to provide such abundant evidence of this long and unbroken occupation.

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